International Journal of Mars Research | ISSN 2453-8760 | Current Issue: 12 Volume 4

Research papers

What was detected within lunar craters might be solid or liquid hydrogen

Abstract: It’s said scientists had found significant amounts of water ice in craters at the moon’s south pole. However, the author has different views on this. The author considers that the material these scientists detected might not be water ice but solid or liquid hydrogen under lunar crater’s extreme cold environment. The existence of solid or liquid hydrogen in lunar craters should be one of the important options for today’s lunar science.

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Slingshot based space rocket launcher

Abstract: In space research, rockets are used to explore the space and also rockets uses fuel to travel in space. Here the proposed Slingshot mechanism can be used in space research and to travel without fuel. The comparison of basic model of rocket and slingshot mechanism is made in this paper. Rocket uses fuel to go into the space. Whereas slingshot based space rocket launcher is an advance technology used to explore in space without using fuel. This mechanism can be used to send satellites and capsules to the planets.

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