International Journal of Mars Research | ISSN 2453-8760 | Current Issue: 12 Volume 4

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Cartographic requirements for Mars GNSS FATIMA

Abstract. Current planetary research and future steps of Solar System exploration will require precise positioning and navigation services. These services will be especially very welcome on planet Mars, as this planet is our next possible target after Moon. In Faculty of Aeronautics of Technical University of Kosice, we are working on a theoretical concept of global navigation satellite system for planet Mars.

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Implementation proposal of GNSS FATIMA for planetary exploration on Mars

Volume 2, Issue 5

Abstract. The aim of this paper is to describe the proposal of the implementation of possible global navigation satellite system for planetary exploration systems on Mars. The implementation of the system is divided into several individual phases. Each phase will need to be carried out separately by responsible institution or research body. System FATIMA will serve as a universal system for positioning, navigation and time services on Mars and will open the door for a future human exploration of this planet. The planetary and GNSS research related to this work is being conducted in Faculty of Aeronautics of Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia (EU).

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