International Journal of Mars Research | ISSN 2453-8760 | Current Issue: 12 Volume 4


Navigation and positioning errors caused by natural conditions on Mars (research of GNSS for Mars)

Volume 2, Issue 1

Evolution of robotic exploration of Mars is bringing us more complex questions into our attention. One of the most important of them is becoming the precise positioning and navigation services on red planet. It is simply because of the successful completion of some of the present steps in the scientific exploration of Mars. We know more and more every year and our future missions to this planet will have more difficult targets. These missions will go under the ground of the Martian soil and will look for another signs of possible life (bacteria, etc).

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We recommend in other media: The Mars Dilemma

Volume 1, Issue 10

Very interesting article from other media ( selected by SCIENCE MARS Journal’s editor-in-chief, solving questions of main problems related to human missions to Mars, landing heavy loads on Martian surface or design such missions in near future. When will land the first humans on Mars? How this will be done? These and also other questions are being solved and possibly answered by Mr. Rob Manning in this very inspiring post. Mr. Rob Manning is the Chief Engineer of Curiosity Rover.

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Computer simulations in space and planetary exploration systems development

Volume 1, Issue 9

Planetary exploration systems and space probes are always working in very extreme environment. When considering this environment and other conditions which will have significant effect on the functionality and reliability of space probe or planetary rover, then we must focus on very precise design, development and testing of these systems even before their mission starts.

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