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Experimental analysis of precision of Mars GNSS FATIMA according to ionosphere of Mars

Satellite navigation system for planet Mars (GNSS FATIMA) is a proposed complete solution for provisioning of precise navigation and resulting navigation services.

It also provides an accurate time service covering a whole planet Mars. Therefore it is essential to focus on each specific stage of the scientific research. This includes the experimental calculation of the accuracy of the positioning on Martian surface and the ionosphere and troposphere impact on the accuracy. Ionosphere, troposphere and meteorological influences make the highest share of the exact operation of the system. In the following research work we will take a look on influences of Martian ionosphere.


The aim of this work is to summarize and to describe the present results of the research of influences of Martian ionosphere on satellite navigation system. This research work includes the description and analysis of the first steps within the experimental calculation. In this work are included new information and research results. The research described in this work is focused on analysis of ionospheric influences on radio signal transmission through the ionosphere of Mars and on calculation of the deviation and range error with use of experimental frequencies. The final analysis answers the question which orbits are most suitable for proposing of the GNSS[1] for Mars. This research is a part of more complex research work with name “Theoretical Concept of Satellite Navigation System for Mars” (GNSS FATIMA[2]) of author Jozef Kozar, PhD. Please note that the results in this research may vary from the current research results as this continuously evolves.

The full research paper can be obtained here.

Author: Jozef Kozar, PhD

Science Mars Journal: Volume 3, Issue 7


[1] GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System

[2] FATIMA – Fix And TIme provisioning system for MArs. Concept of GNSS for Mars. Author of the concept: Jozef Kozar, PhD

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