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Editorial board and about Science & Mars Journal:

Science & Mars Journal is an International journal about Mars research and about technologies and systems needed for this research. Journal is published by Mars Systems Laboratory, research facility based in Kosice, Slovakia. Journal is focused mainly on Mars research. If you are interested in publishing of anything related to planetary science or space technology, please contact us and we can discuss it.

If you are student, PhD researcher, freelance researcher, scientist or just enthusiast in Mars or exploration technologies for red planet, then this might be the right place for you. If you would like to publish your ideas formed into texts, or your scientific work, abstract or just information about your research, then please use the submit section to send this to us.

All submitted abstracts, works or articles will be first reviewed and then published. We will inform you back when your article will be published on Science & Mars Journal’s pages. Your name and names of all co-authors will be published below the article.

Science & Mars Journal was established in 2009 on different web domain. Periodical scientific publishing started after migration to own domain in February 2014. In July 2016 was the journal renamed from “SCIENCE MARS Journal” to “Science & Mars Journal”. The short name “Science & Mars” will also be in use.

Publisher: Mars Systems Laboratory

Periodicity of publishing: monthly

Bibliography and index registration: ISSN 2453-8760

Business status: currently non-profit, focused on scientific research

Access to published articles: online

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Our mission is to deliver all important news and information related to planetary sciences and technology related to Mars planetary system.

Editor in-chief: 

  • Jozef Kozár, PhD – Systems engineer and planetary scientist specialising in planetary exploration systems. Research in mission concepts, ionosphere and environmental conditions on Mars. Currently at Mars Systems Laboratory. (Alma-mater: Technical University of Kosice)

Editorial board:

  • William J. O’Hara, BSc Engineering, MSc Geophysics – with research in Noachian Martian valley networks, currently at NASA Johnson Space Center Flight Operations Division, Exploration Vehicles. (Alma-mater: University of Houston)
  • Tianxi Sun, Professorial Senior Engineer (full professor), Suzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, Suzhou, China
  • Martin Paľa, MSc – Smart Hydroponic Systems for Lunar/Mars Camp, intelligent technologies (Alma-mater: Technical University of Kosice). CEO in CropTek s r.o.
  • Matúš Kabáč, MSc – technology specialist focused on microprocessors and intelligent systems (Alma-mater: Technical University of Kosice)
  • Ivan Daniš, MSc – marine and navigation specialist (Alma-mater: Air Force Academy, Kosice). Freelancer, Prague, CZ

Event photographer and marketing advisor:

  • Alena Kozár – publishing and propagation advisor

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